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Roadmaps & Roadblocks: AI Adoption in UK Financial Services Organisations

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The financial services industry is gearing up for adopting AI. But investment is stymied by lack of proven business cases.

The financial services sector has often lead the way when it comes to the adoption of data-driven technologies. The very nature of the industry means competitive advantage has been fought on the battlefield of data, insights and analysis longer than most.

However, in a decade marked by new entrants disrupting old models and rising digital expectations from consumers there's an added pressure.

There's no doubt huge rewards for those who invest AI consulting services. What's less clear is who the winners and losers will be.

We partnered with DJS Research to investigate this trend. In this new report, we examine AI in financial services today, and how FS organisations plan to use it in the future. You’ll discover:

  • Current levels of AI maturity in FS
  • Where strategic responsibility for AI lies
  • Future plans and opportunities for AI investment
  • Perceived barriers to AI adoption and success

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