Research Report

Great Expectations: UK Retailers' Big Bet On AI To Drive Transformation

Retail decision-makers say AI is the future. But getting return on retail AI investment isn’t without challenges.

Shopper expectations are rising fast. Their behaviours, preferences, and demands have changed, and their standards are higher than ever. Now UK retailers must face the responsibiilty of meeting them.

AI, data, personalisation, convenience, and unified commerce are all shaping the retail landscape. But does this digital foundation give retailers a new competitive edge? Or is it adding pressure to an already beleaguered sector?

We partnered with DJS Research to investigate this trend. In this new report, we examine AI in retail today, and how retailers plan to use it in the future. You’ll discover:

  • Current levels of AI maturity in retail
  • Where strategic responsibility for AI lies
  • Future plans and opportunities for AI investment
  • Perceived barriers to AI adoption and success

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