7DOTS is a digital agency born from a desire to put technical excellence at the heart of the creative solution. Driven by their expertise and experience, they apply digital-first thinking to all their work.

In ten years of operating 7DOTS have accumulated a substantial portfolio of clients, ranging from small start-up companies to blue chips across a variety of sectors. They approached Wirehive in 2017 already with an understanding that their current hosting service wasn’t able to match the levels of service they wanted to provide to their clients. Primarily they were interested in 24/7 customer support on Amazon Web Services, and knew that we would be able to help.

The Challenge

7DOTS described hosting as a feature that their clients “just expect to work”. Hosting is often a thankless task with no praise being offered when things are working correctly and little understanding of how much hard work goes into ensuring a smooth, seamless service. However, as soon as something goes wrong the clients will notice and let you know!

7DOTS have used a variety of different hosting options from various long established companies in their ten-year history. Many have been selected specifically for the individual task by 7DOTS but others had been inherited via clients. As they matured 7DOTS outgrew many of their previous hosting solutions and found it harder and harder to meet the exacting standards they set themselves.








Hampstead Theatre


Wirehive AWS Mentor


Amazon Web Services

Optimised with auto scaling

Support Provided

AWS Architecture Review

Priority Support

Access to AWS Console

The Solution

7DOTS exist to provide effective technical solutions to problems. They understand that Hosting is a highly specialist skill and not somewhere that they are currently able to add value by themselves.

By working with Wirehive to create a new hosting infrastructure on AWS, 7DOTS have ensured that they can access UK based support services 24/7, and most importantly that they are receiving top quality AWS services from hosting experts that they can genuinely work in partnership with.

This has allowed them to concentrate on the things they do best, thereby increasing the quality of the service they provide to their clients.

The Relationship

It is this relationship between Wirehive and 7DOTS that both organisations are keen to extol the virtues of, with 7DOTS describing how working with “monolithic, faceless hosting providers” isn’t something that works for their business no matter how good they may be at providing hosting.

Wirehive work as an extension of the 7DOTS team. Colleagues across companies are very much on first name terms and 7DOTS work closely with Wirehive to discuss their requirements, work on implementing new solutions, or solve any issues that may occur.

 “Our style of working has always been about collaboration – both with clients and suppliers. We’ve forged some fantastic partnerships over the years and have never been in any doubt about how this has been a fundamental part of the success story of 7DOTS. Wirehive was a natural fit and we’re delighted that they’ve become an integral part of our offering. Establishing a good working relationship with a hosting provider is  paramount to us as we grow. This is something that Wirehive have been very good at.”

Ed Gossage – Director of Engineering

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