Adido, The Attention Agency, is an award-winning digital agency with a broad range of clients such as Marks & Spencer and Dorset Tea.

The Brief

Many of Adido’s clients require additional server support at peak times to deal with spikes in site traffic. Wirehive began its commercial relationship with Adido six months ago when the agency became dissatisfied with the efficiency of its existing server provider, Rackspace. At the time, it was taking 25-30 minutes to deploy the required extra servers, which resulted in unacceptable downtime and additional cost.

Adido knew that Amazon Web Services could provide a solution to its problems and hired Wirehive as an experienced partner to provide expert advice for the correct infrastructure layout and best way to transition to AWS, support in times of need and enable the delivery of fast, functional sites with reliable uptime.






The Ageas Bowl

Bowel Cancer UK

Business South

Dorset Tea


Freedom Leisure


Leisure & Entertainment


Public Sector

Food & Beverage



The Work

Adido already knew it wanted to move to AWS. With its AWS expertise, Wirehive could act as a guiding consultant, advise on budgeting, support the set-up process and ensure a smooth transition. However, Adido’s dev team wanted to stay hands on. Wirehive’s AWS Mentor offering with Priority Support was the perfect fit. It gave Adido access to Wirehive’s best practice guidance and UK support team 24×7 but with the freedom and flexibility to make changes to the AWS infrastructure themselves.

Working collaboratively with Adido, a solution was designed which ensured the uptime issues disappeared and that a high quality of service was delivered to the end clients.

The Approach

While Adido dealt with the actual server setup and migration, Wirehive helped work out kinks in the system and were available to run through in detail how the various sections of AWS work. Trial and error on AWS takes seconds as opposed to minutes meaning the process was streamlined. All parties strived and succeeded in making technical requirements fit with commercial necessities and clients were migrated across platforms with minimal impact

From brief to delivery, the project was completed in two months. Wirehive now has an ongoing maintenance relationship with Adido to ensure it can continue delivering a consistent level of uptime to their clients, regardless of unpredictable traffic.

“Our highly-available hosting platform was no longer working for us at Rackspace. We had a few cloud options to choose from and after meeting up with the Wirehive team we decided to move our platform to AWS. Having Wirehive available to give us a helping hand when we need it is great, and we are looking forward to see what else they can provide.”

Mark Willis Technical Lead, Adido


Wirehive AWS Mentor


Amazon Web Services

Optimised with auto scaling

Support Provided

AWS Architecture Review

Priority Support

Access to AWS Console


With Wirehive providing support for Adido’s infrastructure their client site response times have dropped from an average of 850 milliseconds to 418 milliseconds and allows them to spin up new servers in 1-2 minutes instead of the previous estimate of 25-30 minutes.

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