Renegade digital agency and crazy innovators We Make Awesome were approached by Atlantic Records, a subsidiary of Warner Music, to help promote American rock band Paramore’s UK album release. The five guys who make up WMAS have worked with some fantastic brands and artists within the music industry – including projects involving Calvin Harris, The Rolling Stones and Swedish House Mafia, to name but a few.

The challenge from Atlantic? A physical treasure hunt for exclusive Paramore gig tickets around London with frenetic social media activity from fans required for the treasure map to be made available. The campaign encouraged Twitter interaction from Paramore fans which in turn drove towards ‘unlocking’ the location of 60 free gig tickets hidden somewhere in London. Once enough Tweets and Instagram pictures were sent using the hashtag #lyricsforlondon, the location became available on the specially built website and the physical treasure hunt for the tickets began.

Warner does have in-house hosting infrastructure, however their internal hosting environment was not well-suited to the unique complexities this sort of high traffic campaign demanded, which forced them to look elsewhere for an agile partner who could meet those requirements.



We Make Awesome


Atlantic Records




Public Cloud

Scaled for social campaign

Project Language



WMAS got in touch with Wirehive straight away based on their credentials as flexible and highly technical hosting devotees, with a proven track record of delivering campaigns. The site was expertly built by WMAS with a ruthlessly efficient combination of flat HTML front-end and Node back-end, using a mixture of API’s, Google Maps, Twitter and Instagram.

Wirehive not only tailored a custom contract for Warner which fitted the short-term yet highly demanding nature of the Paramore campaign but facilitated delivery of this project using a mixture of an extremely modest two-server setup, and bags of enthusiasm from our tech team! We worked closely with WMAS to validate the design and carried out indicative load testing to ensure the site would stand up to the extremely high levels of traffic the campaign was expected to create.

“We were really impressed with the support Wirehive gave us – they were available to help whenever we needed them. This project needed a quick turnaround, and they delivered effectively and efficiently”.

Syd Lawrence, Founder, We Make Awesome

Overall, the campaign was a huge success. Despite only running for four hours, significant social media interest was generated, signposting to the website.

“We couldn’t have found a better partner in Wirehive. Their solution worked perfectly and their ongoing monitoring throughout the campaign was fantastic”

Nikke Osterback Senior Digital Consultant, Atlantic Records


VMWare vCloud Platform

Dell PowerEdge host servers

Storage powered by Nexenta

Juniper router and switch infrastructure

Support Provided

Consultation & Planning

24/7 Support

OS and Application level Monitoring and Alerting


The trifecta of tech design, expert programming and implementation resulted in thousands of fans flocking to the London location, with 60 overjoyed winners at the end of the campaign, but more importantly lots of noise generated on social channels.

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