Case study

From AWS Well-Architected Review to a long-term strategic tech partnership for Brightsites.

Wirehive improves security, performance, and scalability for Brightsite’s AWS platform.

Brightsites is a web development agency that has created FLOW, a modern, enterprise web publishing platform, that is used by industry-leading clients including JPI Media, the Independent and Evening Standard. Brightsites are developing new solutions based on innovative tech including machine learning to keep their clients on the leading edge.


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Project Scope

AWS Well-Architected Review and ongoing management



“We moved to a SaaS model for our CMS and web platform. As part of the transition, we required great uptime, performance, monitoring as well as cost optimisation. We felt that an AWS Well-Architected Review would help us achieve these goals in the short term as well as ongoing objective and we will continue to do AWS reviews.”

Brian Alford

Director | Brightsites

Our approach

An AWS Well-Architected Review

As an accredited AWS partner, we have the expertise to perform an AWS Well-Architected Review. This review helped Brightsites understand exactly where their solution fell short. Measured against the 5 pillars of the market-leading AWS Well-Architected Framework of the market-leading AWS Well-Architected Framework, we developed a strategy to optimise costs, improve performance, and tighten security across Brightsite’s AWS infrastructure.

As part of our review, we did a workshop between our AWS certified CSAs and key stakeholders within Brightsites. This included:

  • A discovery Q&A to establish business priorities for stakeholders and workloads, measured against the Well-Architected Framework
  • A review of AWS environment against the Well-Architected Framework
  • Input into the Well-Architected Tool
  • Delivery Roadmap of Improvement
  • Perform Remediations

The Wirehive methodology

We deploy our established cloud consulting methodology on all projects, with delivery tailored to solve our client’s specific issues. This means we do more than simply review an AWS architecture.

Working with Brightsites, we identified their key challenges and worked with them to improve their AWS architecture within the context of their operational goals. In addition to cost optimisation and monitoring, we identified an opportunity to help them improve their onboarding ability.

Improve time to delivery

Our AWS expertise allowed us to create a streamlined approach to client onboarding and rolling out updates. We call it a cookie-cutter, but essentially, we developed a standardised model for onboarding to AWS that allows Brightsites to set up new clients faster.

“Wirehive has helped us engineer a templated model for the hosting of our platform to enable us to add new clients quickly and efficiently, using their infrastructure-as-code configuration they built as well as essential tools including monitoring, simple deployments and alerts. We can now set up new clients as well as deliver updates to our existing clients much faster and smoother than our previous hosting provider.”

Brian Alford

Director | Brightsites

Improved database backups

Brightsites also had specific requirements around their database backups. As well as standard backups, they also wanted a unique way of doing daily backups and putting that into long- term storage.


As a result of our Well-Architected Review, we helped improve security, performance and scalability of the platform which delivers hundreds of millions of page views per month across some of the biggest news publishers. We also helped them launch their FLOW CMS product on AWS.

“Wirehive provided a great onboarding experience for our platform including working with some of our legacy accounts. Their professionalism, AWS knowledge and continued support to ensure that we achieve our goals with a stable and scalable platform have made us want to continue to work with Wirehive as our product evolves.”

Brian Alford

Director | Brightsites


On top of this, we provide hosting services, including 24/7 reactive break/fix support. If something goes down at 3am, Brightsites can sleep easy knowing that our Sysadmins have any problem under control. They also enjoy a retainer, which they use for additional project support. This is particularly important for Brightsites because many of their customers are national and multinational news outlets. They have high traffic volumes and 24hr activity, so they can’t afford to be down for long.

“Wirehive are great to work with. They provide excellent and clear advice and are always willing to help. All of their team members we've worked with have been very knowledgeable on key items above general hosting including cost optimisation, security and performance stability of the platform which is very valuable to help keep companies like mine secure and running smoothly.”

Brian Alford

Director | Brightsites