Wirehive deliver a seamless migration from Alibaba Cloud to Microsoft Azure  for Cult Wines to reduce cloud capacity costs by 80% and open up enhanced data and AI functionality.


Cult Wines are leaders in fine wine investment and have a number of loyal clients across the world who make use of their services. In order to meet this global demand, much of which comes from Asia and specifically China, Cult Wines created an infrastructure environment in the Alibaba Cloud to host their application and provide access to their client base.



Following some time running on the platform, it became clear that costs were increasing beyond initial estimates and budgets but there seemed no clarity from Alibaba Cloud about how these could be understood and controlled.

Having lost faith in the cost efficacy of the platform Cult Wines decided to investigate other hosting options. The solution had to be able to offer the same level of global access to their client base, but with greater cost efficiencies, price transparency and tooling to analyse, manage and optimise their infrastructure environment on an ongoing basis.

Cult Wines engaged Wirehive as their cloud consultants to help them select a new platform, having met us through attending one of our Microsoft Data and AI workshops. Head of Marketing, Jody Richardson was interested in exploring the Data and AI possibilities available through Wirehive on advanced Microsoft Azure workloads however, it was clear that we needed to get their core infrastructure in order first.


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Our cloud consulting team took Cult Wines through our best practice Journey to the Cloud Discovery and Design sessions. We identified their technology driven business requirements, created a gap analysis between these needs and the capability of their existing platform and then a high level architecture design which solved their problems.

Taking into account their core application hosting needs, global business and desire to pursue advanced workloads in Data and AI, Microsoft Azure was the recommended platform from this process.



Much to the delight of the team at Cult Wines their new Microsoft Azure environment will cost them 80% less than the solution on Alibaba Cloud and enable them to begin exploring the Azure Cognitive Services suite, and other tools such as Power BI to provide powerful data visualisations. Not only do they have a well architected environment that will run to budget, the Azure Cost Management functionality available for all new Azure environments means they have a tool at their fingertips to monitor ongoing costs.

The Azure environment build, migration from Alibaba Cloud and all testing and go live was completed in just 34 days of elapsed time. The whole project from engagement for discovery though to operational handover took just 70 days. Based on current savings, Cult Wines will see pay back from this cloud migration and optimisation project in 4 months.


Cult Wines were so impressed by our approach and ways of working that they decided to entrust the day to day management of their infrastructure to us, taking our comprehensive 24 x 7 Priority Support to manage their new Azure environment.


Their plan is to reinvest the savings made through cloud optimisation in a second phase of work unlocking the advanced data, AI and analytics functionality available in Microsoft Azure to drive enhanced and differentiated customer and employee experiences.


"The vision at Cult Wines focuses heavily on how data and increasingly AI can support our fine wine analysis and investment recommendations. I feel that Wirehive's honest and transparent approach, along with their expertise in the field, is the missing link that will help drive business growth through the development of analytical tools and the use of the advanced data and AI services available in Azure."

Jody Richardson, Head of Marketing, Cult Wines



  • Cult Wines’ new Azure infrastructure architected by Wirehive will deliver savings of 80% on monthly cloud capacity costs compared to their Alibaba Cloud solution
  • The time to value on this project from signature to reduced cloud costs was 70 days of elapsed time
  • Cult Wines will see pay back from this cloud migration and optimisation project against their investment in Wirehive consulting services in 4 months

"It has been a real pleasure working with the team at Wirehive. Not only have we been able to bring our website infrastructure costs right down from where they were with Alibaba, but we now also have a great team of experts that we can bounce ideas off when it comes to future technology concepts and planning." 

Jody Richardson – Head of Marketing, Cult Wines



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Wirehive Journey to the Cloud

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