Faction, a new breed of snow sport manufacturer, create the highest quality designer skis and Apparel. Quality, craftsmanship and ethical production underpin all they do.

Lewis is a leading Magento agency that specialises in the fashion, lifestyle and luxury markets of online retail.


Founded by ski fanatics who live and breathe their products, The Faction Collective has gained a cult following since their inception in 2006. With an approach to manufacturing and product development that is all about pushing the limits of man and technology, Faction needed a creative agency who could bring together the experiential focus of their brand with the practicalities of a modern e-commerce site.

They approached Lewis because they loved their portfolio and knew they had a well-earned reputation as Magento experts.  However, they had a clear vision they wanted to see made into reality. They also had some unique distribution requirements, needing to synch a single inventory database with multiple warehouses in the US, Switzerland and the Netherlands to enable worldwide distribution of their skis and clothing.


Lewis immediately grasped the importance of Faction’s ethos, and worked closely with the brand to create an immersive and fully responsive Magento website. The finished site features rich video and blog content illustrating the amazing skills and performance of Faction’s Ski Ambassadors. Lewis created variable product page layouts to best suit long skis and more standard skiwear shapes.  Beautifully detailed product design pages, list page roll overs and detailed graphics of all the technical aspects of skis illustrate the site.

Understanding that technology and innovation formed the foundation of their brand, Lewis recommended Faction consider a hosting provider that embodied these values and capabilities. They introduced them to Magento specialists and their hosting partner of choice, Wirehive. From the first conversation it was clear that Wirehive, Lewis and Faction had a set of complimentary expertise that they would be able to harness to ensure an engaging shopping journey for every user.




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Wirehive worked with Lewis’ development team to understand all the features being built into the site. As the design makes extensive use of video content on top of Magento, which is itself a notoriously heavy application, Wirehive built Faction a hosting platform using a dedicated virtual server to provide guaranteed resources to the website. This also supports Faction’s particular requirement around utilising one inventory database for 5 warehouse locations. Wirehive added Stop the Hacker scanning technology to help protect Faction against malware, insertion of malicious code or viruses – a particular vulnerability with any form of open-source software.

To enable their in-house tech team to focus on sales rather than site speed, Faction took Wirehive’s managed SLA. This means Wirehive’s team of knowledgeable SysAdmins take care of the platform up to the application level and manage all alerts on behalf of Faction. There’s always a UK engineer on call so if the worst does happen Faction can pick up the phone and get through to someone who is familiar with their site and their set up to get them back online as quickly as possible.

Faction has always had a youthful brand appeal but the new site designed and built by Lewis brings a modern, urban aesthetic to a traditional skiing marketplace. This has attracted a younger but devoted demographic driving up brand affiliation and loyalty.

“When we first discussed web hosting with Faction they were initially thinking of going with Rackspace. We had no hesitation in recommending they speak to Wirehive instead. I think for specialist retailers Wirehive offers a great service. It’s the same level of service boutique brands offer their own customers that they simply won’t get with a commodity provider”.

Paul Lewis Founder, Lewis


VMWare vCloud Platform

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Storage powered by Nexenta

Juniper router and switch infrastructure

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Performance monitoring by New Relic


Behind the scenes Wirehive work with Faction’s ecommerce team to ensure the platform is providing the scale and flexibility required for what is still a largely seasonal business. So while the Faction Collective are busy hitting the slopes in Colorado and Switzerland to road test their new products and innovations they can rest easy knowing their digital commerce is taken care of in the UK by the dedicated experts at Lewis and Wirehive.

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