HiPP Organic have been manufacturing baby food for nearly 80 years. Since 1956, the family owned company began making its baby foods exclusively organic; today HiPP is one of the largest organic producers in the world.

Creative Jar is an award winning digital agency with innovation and insight at its heart. They have been working with Hipp Organic for over 2 years, leading the migration of multiple sites into a single content managed solution with integrated email platform.


The HiPP Organic website and online Baby Club provides up to date information and support for expectant mothers and mums with young children about motherhood, pregnancy and how to provide children with a balanced diet. Built in its current incarnation by Creative Jar in 2011 it experiences a high volume of traffic.

In 2013 it became clear that the current hosting solution with Rackspace couldn’t support the levels of demand on the site. HiPP’s database contained over 2.5 million records and was growing at an additional 1400 records per month. Even though the database and disk were on a dedicated blade with Rackspace, the server technology was coming to the end of its life. The question was whether to upgrade their solution with Rackspace at increased costs or look to another hosting provider?


Creative Jar approached Wirehive to put together a proposal for hosting the HiPP Organic site to see what was available from a specialist provider. Wirehive already hosted Creative Jar’s own website so they knew they offered a high technical specification across all their hosting solutions. This gave them the confidence that the offering from Wirehive would be both more robust and more resilient. Most importantly they knew it was future-proof so HiPP Organic wouldn’t face another burning platform scenario. Furthermore it would cost less per month than the existing solution from Rackspace. This gave Creative Jar the confidence to recommend HiPP Organic move to Wirehive as a smaller specialist company over the known entity of Rackspace.


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Over the course of two months Creative Jar instigated a migration process internally to move the site from Rackspace to Wirehive. The technical teams at Creative Jar and Wirehive worked together very closely so both Creative Jar and HiPP Organic felt like they were getting seamless support. The tierless support model provided by Wirehive was well received by Creative Jar who immediately felt like they were getting a personal service and talking to fellow developers rather than help desk administrators.

“Whereas we had experienced general excellence in terms of support from Rackspace when we got through to the right person the difference with Wirehive is that the help you receive is not only excellent but bespoke and tailored to the customer.”

Gareth Moore COO, Creative Jar


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Powered by Nexenta

Juniper router and switch infrastructure

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The site was successfully migrated to Wirehive at the end of November 2013. Although HiPP Organic had initially expressed some reservations about moving to a less well known hosting provider they were very happy with the improved site performance. Response times are up and the customer forum which has previously experience periods of instability has been problem free since go live.

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