Case study

Opening up a £1.5 million revenue opportunity for forward-thinking law firm Kepler Wolf.

Wirehive deploys an established cloud consulting methodology to transform Kepler Wolf's strategy, implementation and compliance.

Kepler Wolf is an independent law firm that utilises their legal and business expertise to aid clients in the creative, marketing and technology sectors. They are developing a modern and forward thinking legal practice which is optimised for a cloud first approach.

Kepler Wolf approached Wirehive specifically because of our work at the forefront of technology, and their portfolio of forward-thinking clients across a variety of industry verticals. Kepler Wolf recognises the pivotal role that will be played by a robust technology ecosystem in furnishing them with an unrivalled ability to offer an agile approach to servicing clients and a way for lawyers in the firm to work seamlessly.



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Project Scope

Technology Audit & IT Strategy


Microsoft 365

Our approach

Methodology is key

Wirehive deploys an established cloud consulting methodology on all projects with delivery tailored to solve the client’s specific issues. In the case of Kepler Wolf the focus areas for the transformation were identified as: Strategy, Implementation and Compliance. By focusing initially on creating a technology strategy, implementation sits within a sound business context. Priority activities can be carried out fast and time expended to value delivered is optimised. This phase of the case study will look at the strategy stage.

Technology audit 

The first step in the strategy stage was a full audit of Kepler Wolf’s existing technology environment.

The audit of the existing technology environment revealed the use of a fairly typical assortment of software products. Some of these worked well together, but others sat in isolation on the periphery. The set up definitely wasn’t seamless and was generating inefficiencies caused by insufficient levels of automation and disruptions caused by switching between applications.

The cost of technology sprawl

Through the strategy phase, it was estimated that this was costing the business 10 hours a week for the management team – or the equivalent of £158,900[1] in fee earning potential per year.

As a law firm that has developed a self-employed revenue share model for its team of lawyers, and wants to help them get the most from their work practices, Kepler Wolf could free up the equivalent of £79,450 in additional revenue time for each lawyer, if even an hour a day were saved from resolving the inefficiencies, [2].

With planned expansion to around 20 fee earners in total over the next couple of years, this would mean Kepler Wolf could open up almost £1,500,000[3] in revenue time per annum for the lawyers to spend either on building client relationships or directly on revenue generation. Alternatively, it equates to an additional 38 days a year[4] to spend however the lawyer chooses as part of creating a better work and life balance.

Building a technology strategy

Wirehive knows that the right technology strategy creates high level organisational alignment and enables clear choices to be made about which products to deploy during the implementation phase.

Remaining focused on Kepler Wolf’s business vision, they took the findings of the audit and the very detailed business brief provided by the client, to conduct a strategy workshop. The output of this process was the definition of five core pillars around which the technology strategy will revolve. They are:

  • Cloud First
  • Unified Ecosystems
  • Data Governance and Compliance
  • Seamless Working
  • Technology to enable a culture of Collaboration

As the strategy evolved – and with constant referral to the five key pillars and the core business objectives, it became apparent that Microsoft 365 offered the perfect bedrock for the new Kepler Wolf technology ecosystem.

It will empower the Kepler Wolf team and enable them to work seamlessly and productively together. They will not need to rely on a singular IT department and the modern physical office coupled with seamless and flexible remote working will improve wellbeing and productivity simultaneously.

An implementation roadmap for the relevant parts of the Microsoft 365 suite has now been created with close attention to short and long term priorities.


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  • Discovery
  • Strategy

Value delivered in the strategy phase


of billable time opportunity created by 2022 based on the firm’s expected growth plans


reduction in software costs

38 days

worth of billable hours saved

“I was so impressed with how Wirehive took the time to thoroughly understand our business vision and thought process from the outset. A legal firm whose lawyers can work collaboratively and productively wherever they choose to work, and importantly, with tools and technology that make working remotely more effective that being present together in person, is Kepler Wolf’s goal.”

John Haggis

Founding Partner


Value Delivered In The Strategy Phase

  • Deep understanding of Kepler Wolf’s business demonstrated by project team has given the client confidence to proceed with the recommendations at pace
  • Client has certainty that - rather than just being sold “another SaaS product”- Microsoft 365 (an off the shelf solution) is a perfect fit for their business challenges
  • Forecast 50% reduction in software costs and up to an additional £1.5 million of billable time opportunity created by 2022 based on the firm’s expected growth plans
  • Single future-proofed solution identified that meets the security and compliance requirements for the law firm

How We Calculated The Revenue Opportunity For Kepler Wolf

  • [1] Calculated on £350 ex VAT hourly rate = (£350 x 2) x 227 working days a year [364 – weekends (52 days x 2) – public holidays (8 days) – typical 25 days holiday].
  • [2] Example hourly rate of £350 multiplied by 227 working days = £79,450
  • [3] £79,450 multiplied by 20 lawyers = £1,589,000.
  • [4] (1 saved hour a day x 227 working days a year) / equivalent of 6 hour working day = 37.83 days

“We want to move the client and work relationship out of the email inbox and create a cloud first business that works better for both clients and lawyers”

John Haggis

Founding Partner, Kepler Wolf