Wirehive provides Little Vitamin’s discerning clients with a specialist WordPress hosting solution to support their small scale but beautiful websites.


Vitamin London is a digital product design agency. Founded in 2011, Vitamin London has quickly established a reputation as one of London’s most exciting young agencies. They develop digital platforms, applications and websites that enhance clients’ projects by asking two simple questions: what and why?

Vitamin are unapologetic digital purists. Where outside expertise is required to deliver a client project they partner with specialists. For their web hosting requirements they found kindred spirits in Wirehive and have been working with them since late 2013 as their partner of choice for hosting.


At the heart of Vitamin’s strategic approach is an aversion to selling people things they simply don’t need. This ethos has led them to develop a variety of exciting ventures – or ‘little vits on the side’ as they’re affectionately known – which gives start-ups and individuals access to their big brand digital expertise at an affordable price.

In the world of websites this takes the form of Little Vitamin: a WordPress solution for a small scale but beautiful website at a fixed cost of £1,500 – £5,000. The client gets the digital expertise of the main Vitamin London team, but with a templated solution and a lean and transparent approach to project management to deliver the site they need at a price they can afford.

To deliver the final piece of the Little Vitamin package Vitamin knew they needed a partner that could create a similarly commercially efficient but high quality hosting platform. They turned to Wirehive to see if they had any ideas.


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The Wirehive team completely bought into the democratising ambition of Little Vitamin and after a few conversations with Vitamins development team to get under the skin of the project they soon formulated a solution. Using a virtual dedicated server Wirehive created a robust hosting platform that offered uncontended resource for the Little Vitamin clients, with the flexibility to grow as more sites came online.


Based on their extensive industry knowledge it was clear to Wirehive that the long term success of this solution would be down to efficient management through ongoing technical collaboration.  To facilitate this while being mindful of costs, Wirehive recommended Vitamin take their managed support offering but only during office hours. This means that Wirehive proactively manages the platform up to the application level but all tweaks and changes occur during the working day. Understanding that Little Vitamin’s clients’ sites were UK based with no e-commerce element meant that Wirehive could offer this reduced service offering with confidence that customer experience would not be impacted.


Before they worked with Wirehive, Vitamin London were with a generalist hosting provider. When they decided specialise in digital product design, Vitamin made a conscious decision that they would only partner with other specialists in their fields. They chose to partner with Wirehive because they liked that they do more for the digital industry than other hosting providers who claim to be digital specialists. By partnering with Wirehive, Vitamin can focus on building innovative digital products that delight clients, safe in the knowledge the hosting is taken care of by experts they know and trust.

“We knew of Wirehive by reputation as digital agency hosting specialists and were impressed by their commitment to the industry through the organisation of the Wirehive 100 Awards. From the first meeting it was clear that they were people we could have a good relationship with. Not only did they have the technical expertise we needed but they just got what we were trying to do. Knowing we can just pick up the phone if we have a problem or just want some advice and we can get through to someone who knows and understands our platform is invaluable to us.”

Richard Nichols Director, Vitamin London


VMWare vCloud Platform

Dell PowerEdge host servers

Storage powered by Nexenta

Juniper router and switch infrastructure

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Little Vitamin has grown rapidly over the past year and their Wirehive hosting platform now supports over 20 websites. Wirehive’s SysAdmins and Vitamin’s Head of Programming continue to fine tune performance to ensure stable sites.

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