Penum supplies innovative industry-leading provisioning services to the super-yacht market. They provide everything from toothpaste to luxury caviar and rare wines that can be ordered on any device and delivered to the yacht wherever it happens to be. Penum has a passion to provide the finest ingredients and the freshest products from local suppliers.

CDD describe themselves as the digital workshop, driving change through innovation.


Penum approached CDD to develop a custom platform that would help service the owners and crew of the super-yacht market. The platform would need to be responsive and deliver a user friendly interface allowing users to shop online. The platform would also need to integrate with Xero accounting software.


With such an ambitious technical project the CDD team got in touch with Wirehive to scope out a hosting solution that would work in harmony with the bespoke platform design and build. Wirehive worked with the creative, strategy and development teams to really get to grips with the project. Wirehive and CDD were able to tap into their collective e-commerce experience to anticipate traffic levels and prepare for success.






Online Retail


Public Cloud

Optimised for Web Apps

Project Language



The finished Penum platform gives users the ability to easily order, re-order and collate lists of products. CDD combined the logic of building and sharing playlists on Spotify along with buying food online to create a unique and easy experience for the crew of a super-yacht. The ability to easily change a playlist of food and reorder it allows users to plan special menus, source from local providers based on location, cater for any number of guests or even be ready for seasonal change.

To support this functionality and ensure a seamless user experience Wirehive recommended a dedicated cloud server to give the web application uncontended resource. This was combined with Wirehive’s tierless managed support offering. This means the hosting is proactively managed by Wirehive’s team of experienced System Administrators and if there is an issue Penum or CDD can just pick up the phone and know they’re going to get through to someone who can help them.

“At CDD, innovation projects like Penum are ones we relish so it’s essential to have a partner to collaborate with who’s as up for the challenge as we are. With Wirehive we had that every step of the way and knew they were as committed as we were to finding an elegant technical solution for this unique challenge.”

James Beeson Head of Digital, CDD


VMWare vCloud Platform

Dell PowerEdge host servers

Storage powered by Nexenta

Juniper router and switch infrastructure

Support Provided

Consultation & Planning

24/7 Support


CDD’s expert design and build supported by Wirehive’s robust and flexible hosting platform means that all of this functionality is delivered seamlessly to users accessing the application on PC, tablet and phone from around the world.

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