Perceptive Flow are an ambitious agency for ambitious businesses. Founded by serial innovator and entrepreneur Mark Mars, they offer a full suite of digital services aimed at helping their customers become leaders in their industry. Their particular expertise is delivering digital projects for higher education institutions and they count leading UK universities such as Reading and Oxford amongst their clients.


Mark spent ten years at Microsoft as an application development consultant, helping global brands build applications on Microsoft’s .NET framework before striking out on his own to work directly with the people who were really excited by the end product. Rather than go down the freelance route, Mark wanted to build an agency that embodied the vibrancy of Microsoft in its early days. He set up Perceptive Flow in 2013 and hasn’t looked back.

As a new agency owner with a growing team Mark found himself in need of a whole range of supporting services, including web hosting. He had a small hosting solution in place with a commodity provider from his own side-projects, but with no phone support, no access to the back end and no back-ups it just wasn’t up to scratch for the agency he wanted to run. With no desire to spend his evenings acting as an amateur Systems Administrator, Mark wanted a simple solution where everything was taken care of by people he could trust.


Perceptive Flow



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With a fledgling agency to his name, Mark went looking for advice from someone who had been already been on that journey. He was recommended to speak to Wirehive by former Bluhalo owner and agency growth expert Spencer Gallagher, because they were dedicated to digital. After an initial meeting where Wirehive spent time understanding Perceptive Flow’s current set up, USPs and future plans Mark was convinced:

“From a technology point of view I liked that they only offered virtual dedicated hosting and I took great comfort in Wirehive’s specialism in digital agencies – I saw I’d be working with people who knew all the potential pitfalls”.


The Wirehive team built Perceptive Flow a dedicated platform on their public cloud that utilised multiple virtual servers to allow them to segregate development and live environments but also scale with growth.  Thanks to Wirehive having a partnership in place with global CDN provider CloudFlare, they were able to include Railgun technology within the solution at no extra cost. This was a significant help to Perceptive Flow in improving speeds on sites with dynamic content. The final result is a lean but technically robust hosting solution designed to cope with the performance demands of leading edge web design.

Wirehive also take care of all the monitoring and alerting of this platform under their Managed SLA. This means Perceptive Flow have access to approachable and knowledgeable support at the end of the phone whenever they need it and confidence that experts are keeping an eye on things at all other times.


Coming from a strong technology and entrepreneurial background there was great affinity between Wirehive and Perceptive Flow.

“The fact that Wirehive ran their own very successful awards for digital agencies gave them huge credibility in my eyes. Not only did it prove they were genuinely committed to the digital sector but it showed me they were here to stay”.

Mark Mars MD, Perceptive Flow


Public Cloud


Dell PowerEdge host servers

Industry standard Intel Xeon processors

Juniper router and switch infrastructure

Support Provided

Consultation & Planning

Priority Support

Server OS Updates and Security Fixes


From a strategic point of view Perceptive Flow has found Wirehive’s partnership approach very appealing. It not only means they faith they’re working with people who genuinely care, but also gives them access to a wider network of other agencies and events they can tap into to help grow their business.

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