The Background

Rufus Leonard describe themselves as Brand Experience Engineers. Since they first entered the world of digital with their first website build,, they have constantly pushed at the boundaries of what is possible.

For years they were always at the forefront of hosting technology by providing clients with hosting platforms and managing this with their in-house teams, yet when they started to utilise cloud technologies they were unable to find a cloud services provider who could keep up with the rate of development and innovation they wanted to offer to their clients.

They knew that the opportunities full cloud adoption provided would allow them to be more innovative, more efficient, and ultimately provide a better experience for their clients. But they also knew they were unlikely to succeed in those ambitions with their current infrastructure provider.

“The one thing that has appealed to me from day one is the shared understanding of the agency and client dynamic.”

Peter Barker Chief Technology Officer, Rufus Leonard


Rufus Leonard


Microsoft Azure

Indirect Cloud Services Provider




The Work

Rufus Leonard were already working mainly on the Microsoft stack with a strong focus on Sitecore and Episerver, and so they knew that Microsoft Azure was the best solution for their unique way of working. They were already familiar with Microsoft Azure, and believed that it offered them the capabilities they wanted. However they knew they had neither the time, nor the full range of technical expertise to make the changes they wanted without help.

Whilst working together on cloud strategies for our clients, the experts at Rufus Leonard and the team from Wirehive also created a strategy for how we could work natively in Azure, and how they could migrate their current development practices over.

Together, technical experts from both Wirehive and Rufus Leonard worked as one team to ensure the migration happened as quickly and smoothly as possible.

“This new development environment allows us to complete tasks faster for our clients”

Dave Martin Head of Service Delivery, Rufus Leonard


As well as creating a new, secure development environment, Rufus Leonard have also started utilising some of the cutting edge features of Power BI to enable their customers to gain a greater understanding of their client base.

Wirehive have also enabled Rufus Leonard to migrate the entire web presence of one of the world’s largest mining corporations to Azure providing more resilience and security.

“It means ultimately we can provide a very safe pair of hands for running our clients’ business critical platforms”

Peter Barker CTO, Rufus Leonard


The Results

Wirehive have supported Rufus Leonard in developing their own relationships with Microsoft. Not only be providing introductions to technical experts who are able to help when neither Rufus Leonard nor Wirehive have the right level of expertise, but also in attaining their Cloud Services Provider status.


Rufus Leonard and Wirehive are working closely on a number of other projects, but both agree that the most important thing is the working relationship between the two companies

“We’re incredibly excited to see where this relationship with Rufus Leonard goes, as a brand experience agency they are certainly at the top of their game.”

Kevin MacDonald Director of Strategic Relationships, Wirehive

“I’m looking forward to developing the personal relationships further”

Dave Martin Head of Service Delivery , Rufus Leonard

“The future with Wirehive is very bright.”

Sandro Petterle: Technology Director, Rufus Leonard

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