Case study

World Vision

Wirehive realized their strategic targets in terms of cost, timing and flexibility.

World Vision is the world’s largest children’s charity that has provided humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable children in the world for almost 70 years.

Their UK office had been using dedicated hardware through Rackspace to host their website, and knew that it was now restricting them from developing the most responsive service to their donors and supporters across the UK.

They had spent a lot of time developing a strategy that sought to make the journey to the cloud in the most efficient way, and had already identified Amazon Web Services as the best solution for their needs. This fitted with their overall strategy of moving the business workloads onto the cloud.



Vendor Partner


Project Scope

  • Elastic Load Balancers
  • EC2 Instances
  • AWS Aurora
  • S3 Storage


AWS - Journey To The Cloud


The hosting solution needed to be scalable, highly available globally, and also able to deal with large spikes in visitor numbers during successful campaigns. It also needed to allow the admin area of the site to integrate seamlessly with the business solutions the charity was adopting.


Alongside Graymatter, World Vision’s development partner, Wirehive designed a complex architecture on Amazon Web Services that made use of Elastic Load Balancers, multiple EC2 instances, AWS Aurora, S3 Storage for long term assets, and other instances.

The end solution consisted of multiple environments, Production, Dev, and UAT, each designed to be suited for their individual requirements, and each existing as a standalone environment.

AWS Cloud Trail was set up to store a log of all activity from within the AWS account for security purposes, and Autoscaling was set up according to rules agreed with Graymatter.

The infrastructure was created, the site migrated, and the entire estate was successfully handed over eight months after World Vision first contacted us.

 “It is so refreshing to work with a team that instantly understands our direction and transports us there with minimum fuss and maximum effect”

David Allsopp

Enterprise Technology Manager, World Vision

The Result

World Vision are able to look back on this project and measure the improvements it has made to their digital environment and the potential they now have to expand it.

Their partnership with Wirehive realized their strategic targets in terms of cost, timing and flexibility.