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With years of experience in all forms of cloud computing, Wirehive has a team of dedicated specialists with expertise in Microsoft Azure. We can offer consultation services to help you implement Azure cloud solutions to provide you with excellent return on investment.

Whether you are interested in moving applications, data or your whole IT system to cloud, we can provide you with the information, advice and guidance that you need. If you are interested in learning more about what our Microsoft Certified engineers could do you for you, please contact us today.


Microsoft Azure can provide you with an almost limitless set of possibilities. But with this incredible choice on offer, it becomes important to have a solution tailored around your needs. At Wirehive, we understand that getting your cloud services right can make an enormous difference to the efficiency, productivity and profitability of your business.

With an ever-expanding range of options for your cloud services and deployments, it is important to get unbiased, expert advice on the best possible solution for you. Our team of Microsoft Certified engineers can work with you from start to finish; we provide guidance on everything from extending your existing IT infrastructure to migrating your whole system to the cloud.

With our local and global expertise, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft cloud technology. This puts us in a position where we can handle the consultation, planning, design, build and management of your cloud services.


Why choose Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is one of the most well-known and well-regarded names in cloud computing. It offers a range of services to allow you to innovate and meet any number of business challenges.

Choosing Microsoft Azure cloud services has a huge range of benefits:

  • Work with Microsoft or open source applications
  • Completely secure – the first major cloud provider adopting international cloud privacy standard ISO 27018
  • A highly trusted cloud service
  • Deploy anywhere with complete choice and control over tools
  • Extremely scalable for growth potential

What Wirehive can do for you

Moving to a cloud platform like Azure can be a fantastic move for your business – but it is also complicated, and you need to take the correct steps to get it right. Speaking with our Azure specialists can help you to come up with a sensible, scalable plan that is right for your business in the short and long term.

At Wirehive we would be delighted to work with you, whether you have an existing Microsoft Azure estate or you are completely new to cloud computing. Some of the Microsoft Azure services we can provide include:

  • Advice and guidance on the Azure solution suitable for you
  • Complete design of cloud infrastructure
  • Support through migration
  • Modernising process to introduce your team to Azure
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Tom Keeping

Founder, Keeping ★★★★★

Wirehive are my partners, rather than service providers. They’ve always been ridiculously responsive and attentive, proactive beyond belief and the quality of product is second to none.

Justin Thorne

Founder, Algorhythm London ★★★★★

Wirehive are an extension to the team, meaning agencies can offer world-class hosting solutions on the biggest cloud brands without the headache.

Becky Willis

Client Service Manager, Cold Banana Studio ★★★★★

A really valuable asset to our team when we enter into hosting discussions with our clients. Their partnership model helps agencies scale quicker, and has already opened doors for us.

Bridget Beale

MD, BIMA ★★★★★

In my experience, Wirehive provides top service, quality relationship management and personal customer care.

Mark Leach

Head of E-Commerce, Graham and Brown ★★★★★

Wirehive has talented, accountable people at every level of the business… What we’ve ended up with is a hosting environment we can rely on supported by people we trust

Matt Laakvand

Lead Developer, TheDesignlab ★★★★★

It’s vital for us at this point of our journey that we work with suppliers who take it upon themselves to become part of our team. Wirehive have demonstrated their willingness to go the extra mile on countless occasions

Annie Talboys

Marketing Director, Marketing Director ★★★★★

Wirehive understands their customers and work extremely hard to build and nurture the relationships they hold. They are always present, never ‘just a service’ and in touch with the needs of their clients.

What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting is a different way of hosting websites.  Traditionally they would be hosted on a single server in a datacentre somewhere.  Cloud hosting however places them on a virtual machine that pulls its computing resources from a number of different physical machines in different locations.

Because of this, resources are not fixed, and can be scaled up or down according to the needs of the individual website. Also if a traditional hosting server fails everything on it goes down.  If a cloud hosting server fails the slack is picked up by the other servers meaning the websites stay online.

What is the difference between cloud hosting and cloud computing?

In its purest form web hosting is a static process.  The files needed to display a website are hosted on a web server. In cloud hosting this server is a virtual machine that draws its resources from a number of physical machines.  Cloud computing covers cloud hosting, but also a vast amount of different services as well.  Data is sent to a remote network – the cloud – and there it is stored, or processed.  All sorts of innovative services can be utilized in cloud computing, from machine learning and artificial intelligence, through to the ability to access and integrate services like maps, or voice recognition.

Which Cloud hosting service is best?

That depends entirely on what you are trying to achieve.  If what you are looking for is a simple static  web hosting plan then you might look to something like our Public cloud.  But if you are looking to develop and integrate innovative practices in your site, or would like to utilize things like autoscaling then you would be better choosing something Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, of Google Cloud Platform.

Is cloud hosting better than shared hosting?

That depends entirely on what you mean by better.  Shared hosting remains one of the cheapest ways of getting a website on the internet, but cheaper does not always equate better.  If you are judging on things like site speed, low downtime, or access to innovative services then yes, cloud hosting is better. So our advice is always to pick your hosting plan according to your specific needs, not just your budget.

What is a cloud server?

A traditional server is a physical machine that lives in a single datacentre.  A cloud server is different.  It is a virtual machine that draws its resources from a number of different physical servers in different locations.  It is accessed remotely rather than by connecting directly to the machine itself.  They are also sometimes called virtual servers.

Is cloud hosting more reliable?

Yes.  Because the computing resources are shared between a number of different physical machines in different locations cloud servers are much more robust and resilient to things like power outages, machine failures, and other common causes of outages. If one physical machine fails then the others pick up the slack until the first is brought back online.


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