Your AWS solution optimised to meet best practice.

As an AWS Well Architected Partner, Wirehive are fully accredited and experienced to review your AWS solution against the market-leading AWS Well Architected Framework to help you optimise costs, improve performance and tighten security.

Why an AWS Well Architected Framework Review?

Are you certain your AWS environment is working as hard for you as it should? 

Is it completely secure and following modern cloud operating principles?

Do you get the performance you were anticipating from your design for the price you expected?

Does your deployment even follow an architected design or has it grown organically to accommodate changing organisation requirements?

Is it reliable and stable?

If the answer to any of these questions isn't a definitive yes and you use AWS for mission critical applications you will benefit from an AWS Well Architected Framework Review.

What is an AWS Well Architected Framework Review?

An AWS Well Architected Review is a programme developed by Amazon to enable AWS customers to get one or more of their AWS workloads reviewed by an accredited AWS partner against their best practice AWS Well Architected Framework.

Through the provision of a $5,000 credit against your AWS account if you enable your chosen partner to make 25% of the high-risk remediations most customers are able to offset the majority of the audit costs.


What is the AWS Well Architected Framework?

The AWS Well Architected Framework is the culmination of years of Amazon Solution Architects’ experiences and thousands of deployed AWS cloud environments. It was created to provide a best practice approach for how to “put something on the AWS cloud”.

The Framework is built around five pillars - operational excellence, security, reliability, performance efficiency and cost optimisation. For more details on each one read our blog post here.

Within each pillar there is a set of criteria which certified AWS partners and their architects build new solutions in line with - or can review existing solutions against. 

This ensures that what you are deploying to the AWS cloud is done so with the best chance of successful and minimal risks.

It represents peace of mind for any AWS customer.

The five pillars of the AWS Well Architected Framework

  • Operational excellence
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance efficiency
  • Cost optimisation

AWS WellArchitected

AWS Well Architected Framework Review


  • Pre-workshop questionnaire (completed by client)
  • Agree and define workload description and details
  • Wirehive seeks workload approval from AWS
  • AWS approval granted
  • Client grants Wirehive read-only access to their AWS Workload


  • Virtual workshop with AWS certified CSA from Wirehive and key stakeholders from your organisation
  • Discovery Q&A into business priorities for each stakeholder for workload against the Well Architected Framework
  • Review of AWS environment against the Well Architected Framework
  • Input into Well Architected Tool


Post review remediations


  • Focus on High Risk Issues (HRIs)
  • 25% of HRIs must be remediated for you to claim the $5,000 Well Architected Credit from Amazon 
  • Every Wirehive Well Architected Review includes 2 days of certified architect time to complete these remediations

What to expect:

  • All remediations carried out by AWS Certified Architects and Engineers
  • Project managed from start to finish
  • Extensive knowledge of your environment today and expectations for the future
  • Deep understanding of all the products and services available within AWS
  • Wirehive will handle the evidence collection required for the $5,000 AWS credit approval

Price: £5,000 - offset by a $5,000 credit from AWS

Customer story

Shortlist Media

A freemium media company moves the management of its Amazon Web Services estate to AWS Consulting Partner Wirehive.