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Blockchain promises to be an exciting technology in 2018 and Wirehive will be launching a number of services to compliment its progress over the coming months, the first of which is our managed masternode proposition.

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If you need an experienced team to host and manage your masternode then we can help.  Partnered with DADI, Wirehive is a specialist hosting company with vast experience of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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Dadi have partnered with Wirehive to provide Gateways on their Network.

Our Gateway service is currently being Benchmarked as per the Dadi Roadmap and will become available when DADI roll out the next stage of their platform.  This is currently scheduled for September 2018

If you would like to be kept up to date on developments with this innovative approach to Blockchain based infrastructure then please contact our sales team









Why do I need to invest funds?

The concept of a masternode does not need funds to be in place in order to function, however there is the possibility that masternodes can be created to act in a malicious way thereby damaging the very system they are set up to be part of.

By investing funds, and tying your own money into the node it creates a system where playing by the rules is more lucrative than not doing so.


What is the ROI?

This is the biggest question and sadly there isn’t a simple answer.  It depends on a number of things

Which Cryptocurrency are you hosting?

What Price was the stake bought for?

How many Masternodes are you operating?

What are the tax implications?

What price the coin sells for when you decide to cash out?


Why does it need to managed?

Each cryptocurrency has different requirements for masternodes. The hosting architecture needs to be set up in a specific way, the bond needs to be correctly managed, and the level of up-time needs to be guaranteed (server downtime can effectively remove you from the network and lose you significant money).  Getting this wrong can not only stop you making money, it can lose you money.

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