A man inputting his card details into his laptop to pau a bill.

Wirehive has been working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for many years to bring clients high quality digital services and hosting. CloudCheckr CMX stands to benefit AWS partners by streamlining billing processes.

The Challenge

Providing up-to-date, granular billing information to customer accounts can be challenging- there’s a lot to manage. AWS propagates all billing information into one master account away from the customers’ view when using Organisation, an AWS service. Keeping everyone’s information in one place had previously meant that it was impossible to share one customer’s information without exposing other customers’ data. Signing up as an AWS partner with Wirehive will also allow you to benefit from Cloudcheckr CMX, making managing your business’s data easier.

Open your AWS account with Wirehive to benefit from simplified billing with CloudCheckr CMX.

“I can really see the value of this to interrogate our billing data and share with our CEO”

Mark Belton - Head of Technology at AgeChecked

CloudCheckr CMX as a solution

As the evolution of the original CloudCheckr product, CloudCheckr CMX will interrogate your AWS billing information across multiple views, and from the highest level (account) through to the most granular (usage type). The software is your primary tool for identifying abnormalities in your billing patterns, when they originated, and their long-term impact. CloudCheckr CMX means you’ll be able to rectify existing flaws in your billing process that may previously have gone unnoticed.

Joining with Wirehive stands to benefit your business in two main ways. Not only will you benefit from industry-leading technical support, but your billing processes will be streamlined saving you time and money.

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