Post updated 20.03.2020

In response to growing concerns over the spread of COVID-19, we would like to reassure you of Wirehive's capability to continue providing our high level of service.

Business Continuity Plan

As an ISO27001 certified organisation we already have a robust business continuity plan in place which we test annually. As part of our commitment to the standard, we completed our most recent test at the start of March and updated the plan to take into consideration situations that may arise due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Wirehive HQ Status: office closed, business operating remotely

The Wirehive office is closed for general business. As per the latest government guidelines we are taking advantage of our remote working capabilities and all of our team members who are able to perform their roles from home are doing so.

We have taken steps to ensure that all staff are able work as normal from home, including our 24 x 7 technical support team. We can route our phones so they can be answered remotely and all laptops are set up with the necessary resources to continue to deliver our services to the normal standard. We also have full remote meeting capabilities via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Key Workers

Wirehive's customer service, systems administrators and infrastructure teams all qualify for key worker status under the latest government guidelines due to our status as an ISP. Should the government's social distancing policy for businesses progress from advisory measures to a legislation we expect these essential business functions to be able to operate as normal, including being able to access our office and third party data centres as and when required.


The Wirehive leadership team are staying updated with guidance from the government, Public Health England and regulatory bodies, as well as closely following the news. We will follow local health guidelines and are placed to respond immediately to any changes in the guidance for employers.

We will update this blog post with any changes to our plans, status and policies.

Should you need assistance or have any questions, please contact the head office on 01252 560565.