For years the driving purpose of Wirehive has been to provide the very best infrastructure solution we possibly can.  Whether you are a digital agency or a successful brand what you need is a cloud consultant that can design a solution to meet your exact requirements.  Not simply an off the shelf package that doesn’t fit at all.

First we created our own public cloud offering, and then we partnered with Amazon Web Services to offer their hosting solutions.  Microsoft Azure followed, and also Google Cloud Platform.  For us to provide the best hosting for you we must be able to offer the whole range.

Our goal was to be platform agnostic.

However providing the perfect solution to your specific and unique needs is only part of the journey.

Now, more than ever, data security is a massive focus for everyone in the digital industry, from the biggest players like Microsoft and Google, down to the smallest boutique e-commerce sites.

That is why a year ago we set ourselves the challenge of obtaining our ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management.

We have always taken the security of the information we hold and process on behalf of our partners extremely seriously.  But it is one thing to say that, it is another thing entirely to be shown to be meeting the highest possible standards by a team of independent auditors.

We had a lot of choice when we were deciding who to undergo the assessment with. We decided that if it was worth doing at all, it was worth doing in as stringent a way as possible, and so we signed up to be assessed by the world renowned British Standards Institute.

On the 12th April this year we were officially told we had passed, and on the 15th July our official certificate arrived.

We are pleased, and extremely proud to be able to say that we not only passed the certification, but we did so in a much shorter timescale that we originally anticipated.

Now our partners can not only rest assured that the hosting we provide is tailored to their needs, but also that the levels of data security we provide across the board are of the highest possible standard.