Why marketers should pay attention to the cost of website downtime

Featuring research from 1,000 UK consumers, our latest whitepaper reveals that a website being offline carries a much bigger cost than lost revenue. 68% felt their opinion of a brand would be negatively affected by website downtime with 55% reporting they had difficulty reaching at least one site to check a product or service in the week prior to being surveyed.

These results may seem surprising. Consumers, and to an extent marketers, take website hosting for granted. It’s easy to assume that enjoying an online browsing session or checking out at an ecommerce platform will be plain sailing. This report highlights how a broken online journey can ruin your brand’s reputation and, worse still, dent your sales.

From coping with spikes of activity caused by marketing campaigns or breaking news, to set-up and service knowhow that will prevent your website falling over, there’s a cross-sector need for greater understanding of how hosting works and why it’s so vital. And it’s not just an IT issue: marketers need to care about the potential price of things going wrong.

Download this report simply by submitting a few details, to discover the marketing cost of downtime, some examples of hosting best practice and what to look for in a partner to mitigate this happening in your brand.

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