1) It’s an awesome day out!

It really is. I don’t just mean you’ll learn a lot, obviously you will (more on that in number 2) but you will actually have a great day as well. We host the workshops in partnership with Microsoft, and that doesn’t just mean we get to use their logo, it means we get to use their offices.  If you’ve ever wondered how a multi-billion pound global tech company works then wonder no more.

Huge spacious foyers, rows of pristine glass lifts delivering people to where they need to be.  Cutting edge tech in every room.  The list goes on.


2) Learn something new about AI

If you forced me to tell you the single most important thing about these workshops, I would be very tempted to make it this.  You get to spend a whole day with some of the brightest and best minds in the world of Cloud based AI and if you walk away from the day without having learned something new about artificial intelligence then I’ll be astonished.

In fact, if you can honestly tell me you came to our data and AI consultancy workshop and didn’t learn something new about AI then I will personally buy you a beer!


3) Understand the commercial value of the data you collect

This is the point that is the most obvious about these workshops.  But it is most often too late to the table when dreaming up an AI solution for a business, so it is the point that needs stressing the most. Your company likely has vast amounts of data already, but there isn’t a company in the world that is getting all the value they can out of that data without using AI.  It simply isn’t feasible.

Imagine if you had a huge team of data analysts working 24 hours a day on your company data. A team who never had to double-check, who had memorized every piece of data there was.  And that that team could answer any query you might have in seconds of you asking it, no matter the complexity.

That’s getting close to what you can achieve with the data and AI services available today on Microsoft Azure.

Traditionally you always had to balance what potential value you might get from analyzing your data in search of commercially relevant patterns against the difficulty of performing that analysis.  Now you don’t. Just plug in the data, and start asking any question you want of it, or better yet – let it tell you what answers in can derive before you’ve even asked them!

Don’t fall behind the times. Discover how the cloud can help you solve business  challenges and achieve greater value. Get in touch with our consultants today.


4) Inspiration from seeing what other people are doing

There are people doing amazing things all over the world.  From looking at water consumption on cruise ships in order to preserve fuel and thereby reduce operating costs, to analyzing soil temperatures and moisture levels in order to maximize crop growth there are amazing things being done.

Just seeing the scope and the scale of what other people are already doing can be incredibly inspiring. And you never now, it might give you the exact answer you are looking for.


5) Get personalised solutions to the specific problems your business is facing

The workshop starts off with a fairly generalised introduction on what is possible and how you might go about doing it. But what follows is so much more than that.

We put our team at your disposal.  If you have a problem that you think might just be solvable if only you know how then we’ll sit down with you and show you exactly how to go about solving that.

We won’t pretend to know your business as well as you do, after all, how could we?  But by the same token what we do know is how to get the best out of massive amounts of computational power to solve business challenges.

That’s what we do every day, and we very rarely get presented with a problem that the team in the room couldn’t potentially solve by proposing a solution utilizing the latest technology.


6) Get an edge over the competition

If you’re considering doing something with AI, then you can bet you are not alone. What are your competitors doing?  Getting more value from the data you have can only increase your competitive edge.

It’s often said that data is the new oil, and that you only get proper value from it when you refine it, but there are a couple of things about that analogy that are wrong.

Not everyone has oil.  Everyone has data.  The question you need to ask yourself, if are you going to get the best use out of yours before your competitors do, or are you going to let them lead the field.

Data and AI work doesn’t have to be expensive. Even obtaining oil can be fracking* expensive! Whilst talking through your ideas on the day, we help to start breaking the project down into chunks and help formalise a minimum viable product or proof of concept approach for you to start working on.

*If you’ll pardon the pun.


7) Free Bacon

This one is kind of a joke, in the same way the news finishes with a feel-good story about a wind surfing dog.  But it is true. If you come along we will feed you.

And one of the things Microsoft does well is food.

Their cookies are to die for.New call-to-action