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As an existing Microsoft CSP reseller, you’ll be aware that there are two ways in which you can partner with the tech company: either through a direct or indirect partnership. Microsoft’s recent transition away from direct partnerships holds many benefits for partners, with improved flexibility and independence being but two. What are the differences between direct and indirect CSP partnerships, and how do you stand to benefit from transitioning to an indirect partnership? Pax8, through its acquired Wirehive division is in a unique position to facilitate your business’ growth.

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Prior to registering as a direct partner, you needed to be certain of two things: that you’ll recuperate the costs spent on registering and that the fourth months spent enrolling onto the platform are worth your while. Registering as an indirect partner, on the other hand, offers much greater flexibility. Amongst other benefits, you’ll be able to:

  • Lock down new opportunities fast and with ease. Work on your own terms and at a pace that works for you and your business.
  • As an indirect partner, you’ll sell the same products as your direct counterpart, but you’ll be able to offer your own value-added services on the top. As a result, you’ll be able to price your own products and manage your own profit margins. Licenses with only minor differences can have a 5% difference in profit margin when sold by an indirect CSP partner rather than a direct partner.
  • As an indirect CSP provider, you’ll be able to simplify your monthly billing process and manage it independently. You’ll run your own business.
  • Indirect CSP partners are able to build relationships with their customers whilst making use of Microsoft’s support and billing requirements to a specialized director.

So, How Can We Help You?

Wirehive is an invaluable tool to help your business thrive and succeed. We offer 24/7 support, so if you or your customers are ever in need of technical support, we have you covered. We’re here to support you, and ensure that you have everything that your business needs to thrive. Partnering with Wirehive will grant you:

  • New business opportunities
  • The ability to go to market quickly and easily
  • Support with your Microsoft certifications
  • Training to maximise your sales
  • Access to our wealth of experience and expertise

Working with Wirehive will afford your customers further peace of mind that investing in you will pay dividends. Our experience and expertise will drive your business forward.

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