A cloud consultant's view from the AWS Trenches

After 6 months of conducting AWS Well Architected Reviews (WARs) our resident expert Rob Harding has taken some time out to analyse the key trends we're seeing as we get under the hood of a plethora of live AWS environments and workloads.

In this blog post I’d like to continue to talk about the journey Wirehive has been on since being certified as a partner for the AWS Well Architected Program, and some of the interesting trends we have noticed from our customers.

The Priorities

Whenever we begin a Well Architected Review workshop, the most important question we ask each audience member is “What are your priorities for this workload”. We ask them to evaluate the AWS Pillars, and determine how they would rank from their viewpoint. For example, Operations teams may focus on the Reliability and Operational Efficiency Pillars, whereas a Board member may be concerned with Security and Cost Optimisation pillars as priorities. Once we have each colleague view we then try to find a consensus on where the focus should be, not only in the bulk of the workshop conversation, but the remediations that are delivered by Wirehive.


Our analysis clearly shows that Security is the number 1 priority almost every time that Wirehive has conducted a workshop. It's clear to see why, as the reputational damage and how publicly facing these issues can be, it is no wonder that organisations want to be as secure as they can be. Cost Optimisation was an interesting answer, as for most customers it ranked in the top 3, but was not the main purpose that they were conducting a Well Architected Review, however, more focus has gone on this pillar in the last few months due to the increase in the amount of cybersecurity and ransomware attacks as millions transition to working full time from home.

AWS WAR Chart 1

The Recommendations

After Wirehive has listened to the priorities and gone through the Pillars as part of the workshop, we step away and review. We will then develop a set of remediations that we feel are important for our customers to consider and with Wirehive's experience in AWS Cloud Services explain how best to resolve and in what order.

This analysis shows that a significant proportion of the remediations are flagged as part of the Security pillar, and we had found many times with our customers that some of the basics may have been missed, such as open security group rules, or credentials not locked down sufficiently. Cost Optimisation, Operational Efficiency, and Reliability were closely matched in the number of issues, with Performance Efficiency coming in 5th place. As mentioned due to the priorities of the customers being set the first Wirehive is able to tailor the remediations to match.Don’t fall behind the times. Discover how the cloud can help you solve business  challenges and achieve greater value. Get in touch with our consultants today.

AWS WAR Chart 2

Issue Classification

Finally, we look at the Issue classification and discover that almost half of the issues identified AWS classify as High Risk (HRI). These classifications come from the AWS Well Architected Tool after Wirehive fills in the required information taken from the workshop. As there are significant HRIs, it is imperative that these are resolved as soon as possible.

AWS WAR Chart 3

Because of the importance to reduce the HRI’s Wirehive puts all their attention into these over the 2 days of the remediation phase. As you can see from the chart the percentage share of the HRIs drops significantly, increasing the MRI’s and Good Practice classifications, which is a very important visualisation to show to our customers.

AWS WAR Chart 4

About Wirehive

Wirehive are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and accredited Well Architected Partner in addition to being experienced Cloud Consultants. As a born-in-the-cloud business, we’re on a mission to help businesses solve the technology challenges that come from operating in a digital age.

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