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By 2024, Statista estimates there’ll be 149 zetabytes of data in the world. That’s a lot of data. And locked away inside it are the insights you need to help your business grow.

Refining products and services; making informed business decisions; developing a better understanding of your customers. All of these things rely on data. But, it’s not enough to simply capture information. To get maximum bang for your buck, you need an effective data strategy in place to process it. And, in our experience, that’s exactly what most companies lack.

So, how do you test the effectiveness of your data strategy and find out if it’s really fit for purpose? With a quick and thorough data strategy assessment, courtesy of Wirehive.

What is a data strategy assessment?

A data strategy assessment is a succinct questionnaire that’s designed to gauge the effectiveness of your current strategy – your technological capabilities. It’s measured against the latest best practice guidelines, ensuring you receive only the most accurate and up to date feedback.

Questions are split into five distinct categories. Each of these corresponds to one of the five key pillars that underpin the most effective strategies:

  • Vision – Does your data strategy align with your business objectives?
  • Principles – Have you outlined the goals and standards that shape your architecture?
  • Process – Is your data strategy process well-documented and clearly defined?
  • Governance – Are the right controls in place to ensure data security and integrity?
  • Improvement – Is your strategy flexible enough to evolve alongside the business?

See how your data strategy compares to best practice guidelines. Take our free  data strategy assessment and unlock new business opportunities today.

How does it work?

Once you’ve completed the assessment, we collate the results and send an easy-to-understand breakdown direct to your inbox. You can download this at any time and share it with key stakeholders from across your organisation.

You’ll also have the opportunity to book a consultation with our cloud consultants to discuss your results and the best way to proceed.

The benefits

Our data strategy assessment lets you quickly identify areas where your current strategy falls short. Or, to put it another way, the areas that are in the biggest need of improvement. This could be anything from finding a more cost-effective hosting platform to replacing your increasingly antiquated on-premise data storage solution.

If you do decide to book a follow-up consultation (and we highly recommend you do) we’ll work side-by-side to understand your needs and formulate an action plan. This outlines the series of improvements that will transform your data strategy and make your business more agile, efficient, and competitive.

Complete your free assessment

The assessment gives you greater insight into how your data strategy is working for you, and how you can better align it to your business goals.

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