VPN Protecting the Modern Digital Workplace
  • The modern workplace is a philosophy that embraces the realities of how people want to work in today's business environment, and how digital workplace solutions enable that activity.

  • Wirehive, as the cloud consultancy division operating within Pax8 UK, is poised to deliver seamless and effective protection for your business by making use of the latest technology.

  • As industry experts, Robert Belgrave (CEO of Pax8 UK) and Dominic Kirby (Pax8's Manager of Cloud Solutions) discuss the ways in which cybercriminals seek to attack your digital workspace and the measures you can take to protect your business against costly breaches. 

What is the modern workplace?

The modern workplace relates to more than a funky office space - it refers to the technology and technological systems operating to enable your team to work seamlessly in today’s business environment. Whether that refers to remote working, automating your business’s processes or implementing software to process significant quantities of data. In short, the modern workplace philosophy is the primary way through which industries evolve and improve with regards to their agility, flexibility, and overall seamlessness.

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A business’s increased reliance on technology is understandably accompanied by a series of additional security issues and concerns. Whereas before, businesses could control who’s able to access the data with ease; they’d only need to purchase a lock for the organisation’s server room or hire a security guard to patrol the building. Modern businesses now need to weigh up what’s more important: the agility and flexibility delivered by technology, or the security offered by onsite data hosting and storage.


How can you ensure your data remains secure?

It goes without saying that there’s no guaranteed way to ensure that your business’s data is secure. Yet, by putting measures in place you’re able to limit the damage that a cyber criminal can do, or the amount of data they’re able to access. Staff training is the greatest tool in your arsenal when combatting the cybercriminals’ attempts to hijack your data. Whilst technology fails and security breaches happen, it remains the case that human error is the most common cause of data breaches and successful cyberattacks.

Dominic Kirby highlights how important it is for a modern business to keep tabs on technological developments with regards to digital security. Pax8’s Manager of Cloud Solutions shares that Twitter is a great source for bitesize and jargon-free updates. Moreover, there are an abundance of blogs and forums on which individuals discuss the attacks they’ve faced in order to improve visibility and limit the victims of cybercrime.

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Data breaches can be financially disastrous for any business. ITPro has recently announced that the average cost of a breach surged to record highs early in 2021, costing businesses on average $4.24 million (£3.03 million) per incident. Is your company in a position to shoulder such significant costs?

The Wirehive team has amassed over ten years of knowledge regarding digital security measures. We can help you build a seamlessly effective modern workplace, whilst ensuring that your business’s data is adequately secure. Get in touch with a member of our team to learn more about how we can help you.

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