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Welcome to the new and improved CSP program

Recent changes to the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program have increased the qualifying requirements for direct bill partners. This has left many businesses with a problem... where do we go from here?

In our latest guide, we take you through the changes and explain how they affect your business. We highlight the chief benefits of transitioning from direct to indirect partner status and what you should look for in an Indirect Provider.

What's changing for direct partners?

Microsoft introduced a new performance standard for CSP direct bill partners in January 2021. Direct partners must register at least $300,000 in CSP revenue by their partner support plan renewal date to qualify for the program.

The new revenue requirement threshold is designed to help CSP partners build more profitable businesses and deliver greater value to their customers.

Alongside the new revenue requirements, Microsoft has a minimum support requirement for direct bill partners. This dictates that you must be able to provide the first level of cloud product support to all your customers.

How might you be affected?

Microsoft's new standard requirements for direct partners will put significant strain on your business's budgets, time, and staff. It's not just about hitting the revenue requirement, the changes to billing, provisioning, and support will hit your bottom line.

If the requirement is not met, the only way to continue providing services to your customers is to re-enrol as a CSP indirect reseller transacting through a CSP indirect provider. Transitioning last-minute could affect your service delivery and customer experience.

What can direct partners do about it?

Download our guide to discover how to continue delivering cutting-edge cloud solutions by transitioning to an indirect reseller.

  • We walk you through the transition process from direct to indirect
  • We'll dispel some of the myths about being an indirect reseller
  • Learn the business benefits of working with a Microsoft Indirect Provider
  • Discover how Wirehive could just be the partner you need

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