Cloud technology is on everyone’s lips. Whether people realise it or not they're all talking about what we’ve got ‘up there’, or ‘on it’, or ‘in it’. The thing about cloud technology that makes it different, is that it’s not just for IT departments and providers. It’s accessible technology, which is adding value in many different ways.

Not everyone uses the cloud in the same way, and in turn the same applies to digital agencies. What’s important for agencies, is to identify which ‘bits’ of technology that the cloud offers are relevant to customers and their end users. The where, what, and how you can enhance their interactions, relationships, and experiences.

This can be a bit like navigating Spaghetti Junction, there are so many choices of routes you can follow. It’s not all about the fastest, cheapest way to get there either. Sometimes, it’s those wrong turns which lead you down a path you didn’t know existed which takes you to a rewarding destination.

The digital landscape is in a continuous cycle of evolution

Look back 20 years and the technology we all use and interact with every day was the stuff of movies. Digital Agencies didn’t exist, and their explosion into the marketplace has been phenomenal. With the pace at which technology develops, it’s impossible to know where we might be in another 20 years.

In the here and now, the success of your Digital Agency will be tied to how quickly you adapt. Using the cloud to your advantage to offer more value to customers. Whether that’s enhanced user experience, better processes or informed decision making.

Cloud technology will drive the future of your business, if you let it

We all know that change is inevitable. As technology develops, so does our acceptance of it. As users, our expectations continue to challenge technology. We want ‘things’ faster, easier and ideally where we are right then, using whatever device we have to hand. It’s disruptive, it’s exciting and it’s daunting.

Standing still is not an option. Predictions from Gartner are that by 2020, a ‘no- cloud’ policy will be as rare as a ‘no-internet’ policy is today. Embracing the cloud creates opportunities. Equal attention needs to be given to what is right for now, and what’s possible for the future.

Strategic decisions need to be made to fit your core market and enable it to develop in the future. The cloud opportunity isn’t about completely changing your business. The key is to understand how it can make what you’re already great at, even better.

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Over the last 10 years we’ve worked with exclusively with digital agencies, and here’s some of what we’ve learnt about the agency opportunity.

The cloud opportunity continues to grow as the technology and infrastructure around it evolves and develops. The cloud is not a one size fits all business model. Digital agencies can and should adapt it to their particular business needs to channel their own growth and future development.

Working smarter to power cloud opportunity is the focus for some agencies. They want to keep doing what they’re good at, whilst using the cloud to drive revenue. They’re achieving this in several ways. Digital agencies can use the cloud to optimise the services they already deliver, whether through a more robust infrastructure, faster development cycles, or a simple billing structure. In the short term saving money, but with the long-term view of adding value through the services you deliver.

By implementing the cloud at a strategic level, there is the opportunity for recurring revenue. This enables you to develop a sustainable business model, using cloud technology to create stronger, ‘stickier’ relationships with your customers through the additional value it brings.

The cloud provides you with an opportunity to streamline your business processes and adapt more quickly to the changing needs of your customers. It's using technology to keep the focus on what you’re already good at, but just do it better.

Innovation and growth powered through the cloud is also about building on the relationship with your customers as a digital services provider, and developing a more strategic vision with them beyond their marketing department and implementing it. This opens up the opportunity to compete on both a technical and creative level. Not only increasing the revenue opportunity but also reducing customer churn through better solutions and stronger relationships.

The cloud opportunity goes beyond transformation projects. The available technology enables you to build digital IP, bringing more value to what you can offer your customers, whilst providing you with repeatable solutions to sell on. Supporting you to adapt and differentiate in the face of the changing digital agency business model and use technology to your advantage.

It also gives you the opportunity to drive informed decision making through insights you can generate from your customers data. Using this to develop innovation solutions designed to improve their user experiences, and again putting you in the realm of strategic partner, over digital supplier.


A platform you can build the future on. Security, compliance, and uptime concerns are a thing of past. When you find your cloud platform of choice you can concentrate on adding value to your customers through digital transformation.

Using cloud technology doesn’t mean throwing out everything you already know and love. You can use all of the tools you’re already familiar with to build cloud-based solutions. Your current tech skills and expertise are still valuable. The difference is, you’ll be creating solutions in days, not months.

Whether you’re from the .NET world, or prefer open source technology, the cloud has you covered. It provides an unrivalled platform for web framework specialists to build new solutions using secure, scalable and reliable infrastructure.

The cloud is the platform for future growth. It allows you to create outstanding user experiences for your customers now, safe in the knowledge that the technology behind it will adapt and grow to their evolving needs and demands in the future.

The ‘Art of the Possible’ becomes reality as the cloud technology footprint continues to expand. Highly creative design visionaries are always looking to take their customers to the next level, with ideas, suggestions and possibilities way beyond their brief. You can now use technology to enhance your creativity and design, in the knowledge it can evolve and grow with your ideas.

Technology stops being purely functional in the cloud. It is technology that is placed firmly with the future at its core. It’s rapid rate of development means boundless opportunities to do, build and create more. The pace of change is truly astonishing, with new capabilities being added daily. Thereby creating new ways to wow.

By channelling your creative thinking into cloud-based solutions, you’ll provide your customers with future-proofed technology that will grow and evolve with them. Placing you at the forefront of their development, and as a trusted partner in the opportunities for ‘what’s next’.

The cloud truly is revolutionising how we all do things. Regardless of the core focus you operate in, you’re going to need help to navigate this new digital way of life. So that you can understand where the best opportunities lie for your business, and your customers.


Partner with a cloud provider who knows your industry

Just as not all clouds are created equal, neither are the technology partners who provide them. Choosing the right partner is key to your cloud success. It's about finding a partner who understands your business, and the digital landscape you operate in. One who shares your ambition for growth and will work with you to deliver future-proofed cloud solutions.

We know what we’re talking about when it comes to cloud technology and how digital agencies can use it to their advantage. We’ve been providing technical expertise to your industry for more than 10 years and continue to be the digital agency partner of choice for cloud. We’ve used our experience to develop specialised managed services, solution design, implementation and tech support. We’re a people business and will work directly with you to enable cloud technology to grow your business.

The cloud is tomorrow's world, today

Cloud technology continues to improve our lives, opening our eyes to what is possible. Digital Agencies need to be agile in their adoption of cloud technology. Using it to drive deeper, stickier relationships with their customers through the value add they offer.

It’s about taking what you already know, and doing it better, faster, cheaper. Developing strategies that can grow with technology, without losing sight of your core foundation.

It’s on that foundation the trust your customers have in you is based and shouldn’t be forgotten. Instead, it should be enhanced, using the cloud to evolve into a robust cloud business.

Just as your customers will rely on you to be successful, you need to partner with a digital cloud specialist, who can support you through this ever-evolving landscape and navigate the intricacies it entails.

To learn more about how Wirehive can help you to build a future-proofed and profitable cloud business, visit our cloud reseller page.

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