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Helping to build a new type of law firm

UK law firm Kepler Wolf appoints cloud consultancy Wirehive as their digital transformation partner.

Kepler Wolf is an independent law firm that utilises their legal and business expertise to aid clients in the creative, marketing and technology sectors.


The firm was set up just over a year ago by John Haggis (previously partner at Sheridans and Keystone Law), with the clear vision that a modern, forward thinking law firm has to place the same emphasis on delivering value to clients, with ensuring that their lawyers have the most effective tools, systems and culture to manage and deliver their work. The firm has already grown to a team of 6 lawyers in the 12 months since it started.

Kepler Wolf is developing a modern and forward thinking agile legal practice to differentiate from and therefore challenge the traditional law firm and so-called ‘new law’ operating models and working practices - and so as to create more valuable relationships for their clients, and to improve upon the ways of working, collaborating and culture for their lawyers.


Rather than hunkering down during the COVID-19 crisis, Kepler Wolf has decided to use this period of uncertainty to speed up its investment in a significant modern workplace transformation project, and in advance of a planned recruitment drive. Coming out of the crisis, Kepler Wolf will have scaled their existing cloud based platform to better support a greater number of clients and lawyers, whilst delivering their unique vision and accelerate their plans for longer term growth.

Kepler Wolf is a firm where:

  • There are no billing targets for lawyers - timesheets & time tracking are avoided wherever possible - with more modern pricing techniques used to give clients greater transparency and certainty

  • Technology is used to deliver knowledge and services collaboratively and efficiently between lawyers and with clients

  • Lawyers have the freedom to work where they need, meaning that the technology has to deliver seamless and secure working with strong collaboration between not just the lawyers but with the client

  • There are no PAs so lawyers must be comfortable with technology to perform repetitive tasks

  • All lawyers are remunerated as partners of the firm

Technology Goals

They are looking to facilitate their vision with the use of cutting-edge, well integrated cloud services which enables true collaboration between members of the organisation and with their clients, and to do so easily and seamlessly from wherever they are located.

The intent for Kepler Wolf is to develop systems so that working and collaborating in an agile firm for lawyers is more effective compared to traditional firms, with their pyramid leadership structures, legacy IT systems and cost based approach to legal work, and also the current dispersed law firm models of ‘new law’ firms.

In addition to fostering a modern pricing strategy, clients will receive the ultimate end benefit of a more effective team of lawyers, working collaboratively, and who can offer more valuable solutions.


Wirehive have been selected to carry out a three phase transformation project that will utilise our best practice digital consultancy methodology and the Microsoft Modern Workplace suite of products to help deliver this vision while ensuring Kepler Wolf meet their regulatory commitments. Grounded in Agile, Wirehive's phased consultancy approach seeks to deliver time to value for our clients at every step of the process.

Kepler Wolf chose Wirehive not just for our expertise but our own partnership approach and collaborative culture that aligns to their way of working. Managing Partner at Kepler Wolf John Haggis says:

"From our first conversation with Wirehive I knew I had found an organisation that not only instinctively understood our business challenges but were bought into helping us achieve our vision. Their ethos of shared success coupled with a commercial model that de-risks the process for the client gave me the confidence to chose them as our digital transformation partner. The fact that Wirehive work with businesses in more modern industries than the legal industry means they are perfectly placed for helping us develop the solutions necessary for a modern law business. We do not want a business as usual approach from our partners when it comes to the thinking about how we can better build our future - we want to introduce the next practices for a modern business and Wirehive are at the forefront of this."

About Wirehive

Wirehive are a Microsoft Gold Partner and experienced Cloud Consultants. As a born-in-the-cloud business we’re on a mission to help businesses solve the technology challenges that come from operating in a digital age.

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