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It won’t come as a surprise to you that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is constantly evolving as the technology sector continues to adapt and improve. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for individuals and businesses to keep up with these modernising changes, and remain at the forefront of their respective sector. This is where an AWS Well Architected Review comes in. 

By enlisting an accredited AWS partner to thoroughly examine your AWS workload, you’ll be presented with improvements that can be implemented to ensure that you’re able to make the most of your data and digital platformUndertaking a Well Architected Review is the only way in which you can guarantee that your workload is secure, reliable and optimised to meet your needs and requirements at a reasonable cost.  

Why do I need a Well Architected Review?

If you’re working with an AWS workload, you’re almost definitely going to benefit from undertaking a Well Architected Review. Amazon Web Services is so vast, it’s almost impossible to effectively keep tabs on everything you’d need to in order to ensure that your workload remains cutting edge and 100% optimised.

Are you certain that your AWS environment is secure and reliable? Are you getting the level of service that you require in order to maximise your business opportunities and a reasonable cost? It pays to be sure. Rob Harding, an AWS accredited partner at Wirehive has noted that a Well Architected Review ‘is financially very low risk, but very high reward.’

By investing in the identification and remediation of the existing problems or leaks in your workload, it’s highly likely that you can save money on a regular basis. A Well Architected Review is, in effect, a long-term investment.

How does a Well Architected review work?

The process at Wirehive is straightforward, and your digital needs and requirements are at the forefront of each step of the process.

The process begins with a call, in which you outline what you want to get out of the Review; we then take this information and personalise the process. If your primary concern is cost optimisation, security or reliability, then we’ll focus on ensuring that that area is delivering.

Transparency is at the heart of the process. Once we’ve thoroughly examined and evaluated your workload, we’ll collate our findings into a document and address these limitations by planning implementable remediations to improve the efficiency of your AWS environment.

You can then choose whether to enlist the help and managed cloud services in implementing these remediations or take the list of proposed changes and implement them independently. As Rob has previously commented, ‘a Well Architected Review is an evaluation of where your workload is today, and where you’re trying to get to.’ Sound good? Read more about undertaking an AWS Well Architected Review with Wirehive.

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