Are you interested in becoming a Microsoft Cloud Solution Reseller? Or perhaps you’re just looking to find out a little more about the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program (CSP).

Let’s start with a quick summary.

CSP is a licensing model for businesses that allow them to resell Microsoft cloud services.

This doesn’t just help you to become more involved in your customer’s business. You can enjoy deeper engagement with customers, increased profitability, added value, and deliver new and more valuable managed services.

Plus, you can partner with Wirehive as a CSP partner to gain extra rewards, like money, gifts, and experiences.

If you’re interested in finding out more about what being a CSP involves, or wondering how you can become a Wirehive partner, we’ve got all the information here in one place for you.

We will walk you through the benefits of the CSP program, and how they can build on the opportunities you can get from just moving to the cloud.


Why Microsoft Cloud Services?

So first off, let’s take a look at why a company might want to move to the cloud in the first place. It’s a decision that a lot of companies are making, and it does come with some great benefits to you.

The world of the digital has grown massively over the last few years. And it likely won’t be slowing down any time soon. So, if you’re struggling to envision the future for your company, or wondering how to integrate some of these great new technologies, like machine learning or artificial intelligence, the cloud can be a great place to start. But this is so much more than simply optimising your own business, it can also help your clients.

Wondering how that’s possible?

Simply put, using the cloud can help you transform into a strategic partner, making you an invaluable part of your client’s growth.

Optimising your own business can help you improve the ways you assist clients. It can also speed the process up. But, instead of enforcing a complete change to your workplace and your business as a whole, the opportunities provided by the cloud simply improve what ideas and systems are already in place, helping you to increase profits.

So, now we’ve taken a look into how effective use of Microsoft cloud is helping businesses improve, let’s find out a little more about the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.


The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program

Essentially, CSP is a partner platform - a business model that supports new and existing partners who are running or enhancing their companies with Microsoft’s Cloud services. It does this by letting partners build cloud managed services and IP on top of the CSP licensing mechanism. You can create solutions and directly bill customers for them. You can be the first point of contact for customer support. Plus, you can directly provision and manage cloud subscriptions.

Overall, the CSP program helps and supports you to quickly achieve outstanding digital experiences. It helps you maximise opportunities provided by the cloud. It helps create an adaptable, profitable business.

It can be pretty daunting to move to the cloud, let alone become a part of the CSP program. But luckily, we can break the whole process down for you, to show just how user-friendly it is. In essence, the Microsoft CSP program allows you to benefit from the cloud’s regular opportunities to optimise your own agency. But also adds extra profit and recurring revenue onto this.

Our aim at Wirehive is to work alongside Microsoft to help digital agencies create innovative, transformative cloud practices on Azure. The Wirehive CSP partnership model is designed for those companies that need speed to market, support negotiating the intricacies of Microsoft, and technical expertise.

Our status as the longest-standing technology partner for digital agencies across the UK has helped us to achieve this design. Our cloud consulting services help with identifying opportunities, market execution, sales training, incentives, certification support, and simply navigating Microsoft!


So much more than just hosting

The CSP program isn’t just about reselling hosting on Azure. In reality, it’s also about giving you access to recurring revenue sources, such as product services, managed services, and packaged IP. With our vast experience as a digital agency technology partner, we have a set of processes and tools that make Wirehive CSP partners profitable, adaptable, and leaders in the cloud.

Some of the many ways we can help digital agencies include: a partnership approach, expert Microsoft guidance, and specialist agency activation. On top of this, we have no barriers to entry. There is a simple credit check process, and 24/7 technical support if you ever experience any problems.

So, to help you decide whether the benefits are right for you, let’s take a look at some of the things you can unlock and gain from our partner programme.

First off, there are several ways you can use the points you earn.

You can double their value by reinvesting them in joint marketing activities with us at Wirehive, or you can convert them into agency rewards - gifts and experiences for your clients and staff.

Wirehive rewards are another option, as a way to thank individuals at Wirehive that have gone above and beyond to help you. Or, you can simply convert your Wirehive points into cash or credit, with up to £1 for each 10 points you earn. On top of points, you also have access to our huge range of events, sales training, and technical training, to help you continually improve your business.


5 small steps

Wirehive is the only Microsoft Indirect Provider in the UK that is dedicated to agencies. For over 10 years now, we’ve been dedicated to helping digital agencies build and sell digital products on the cloud. And we aren’t planning on stopping any time soon.

If you already know that joining the CSP program and reselling cloud services is something you want to do, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Sign up as a CSP via the Microsoft Partner Centre.
  2. After this, using your Microsoft Partner Network ID, you’ll need to complete our online CSP application,
  3. Complete our online credit check,
  4. Sign our Managed Reseller Agreement.
  5. Finally, accept your invitation to become a Wirehive CSP Reseller!

It really is that simple.

If you want to know more about the process and the benefits then you have two choices.

Firstly just get in touch.  We’re always happy to hear from people who want to make the jump to future-proofing their business with cloud technology.  Or you could come along to one of the monthly workshops we run in partnership with Microsoft.

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